Professional Conservatory

The full-time programs are the heart and soul of the Stella Adler Studio, the culmination of Stella’s vision for complete acting training. In these programs, students gain tools and techniques to better engage their imagination, to analyze text deeply and accurately, and to create rich, specific characters.

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3-Year Conservatory

Begins September 6, 2016
Price: $7,750 per semester
The 3-Year Conservatory lays the foundation for these techniques in the first year, explores and enriches them in the second year and, in the last year, tests them in performance. The program is modeled after a graduate-level MFA program, and is taught by a world-class faculty.
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Evening Conservatory

Begins September 12, 2016
Price: $5,500 per semester
The Evening Conservatory is designed along similar lines as the 3-Year Conservatory, but it is intended for students who wish to train in the evenings. As such, the training is intensified and intended to produce a comprehensive conservatory experience over the length of two years.
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Musical Theatre Conservatory

Begins September 12, 2016
Price: $10,000 per semester
The Musical Theatre Conservatory is a cutting edge, one-year program providing rigorous performance training anchored in the core belief of the Stella Adler Studio, that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous. Impassioned acting rooted in craft is most essential in the pivotal moment when a scene becomes a song. Students strengthen their performance skills while developing their ability to interpret dramatic text in the musical theatre form.
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