Adler Youth Group

Adler Youth Group 2016-2017

Thank you to all of the remarkable applicants to the Adler Youth group. Those who were not admitted to the group are invited to apply again as long as they are in high school. The following students are admitted to the program:

Ayele Ginette A.
Brian B.
Diamond C.
Marlon D.
Janely G.
Cyan H.
Yerlin H.
Chyna J.
Altagracia M.
Genesis M.
Tristan M.
Timotheos N.
Monique P.
Sabryna P.
Nicholas R.
Xavon R.
Diana S-E.
Tattyani U.


In the event that a student drops out or does not accept their spot in the group, alternates will be invited to participate. The following students are alternates:

Sade C.
Alba M.


Program description

The centerpiece of the Outreach Division, this program currently interviews close to 100 high school students annually and selects 16 to train in a free year-long program. Students train in voice, movement and acting in a conservatory environment. They are led by a team of trained professional teachers and mentors, and engage daily with students of the full-time conservatory programs as well as alumni and international guest artists. While Adler Youth students are trained with the same intensity and integrity as conservatory students, this program is not concerned with creating professional actors, but rather empowering strong, confidant, thoughtful, articulate human beings.


How are students selected for this program?

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a New York City high school
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need (priority consideration for students who receive free lunch or reduced lunch)
  • Applicants must demonstrate a need for arts exposure ( priority consideration for students who do not have access to arts programming)
  • Applicants must follow application instructions (in particular, bringing a monologue from a published play keeps a student qualified; bringing a monologue from the internet or YouTube disqualifies students)