Poetry & Language

Center for Poetry, Poetic Drama and the Spoken Word

The purpose of The Harold Clurman Center for Poetry, Poetic Drama and the Spoken Word is to explore the relationship between the actor and dramatic language, to celebrate dramatic and poetic language as a necessary but perhaps under-appreciated aspect of the actor’s art and craft, and to open channels of communication between poets, playwrights, actors, directors, voice specialists and critics in order to better understand issues of written and spoken language and the relationship between them. The Board of Advisors for this Center is Literary Critic Harold Bloom, Poet John Ashbery, Poet Grace Schulman, Voice Experts Cicely Berry, Andrew Wade and Deborah Hecht.

“In the true spirit of Harold Clurman, for which it was named, the poetry reading series at the Stella Adler Conservatory is marvelous for its inter-cultural daring. The audiences are exciting for their mix of young actors, writers, and dedicated readers. To appear there is to be fully aware of stage presence in reciting poetry and of the poetry in stage presence. At one reading, I picked up a wax rose from a stage set and presented it to one of the poets. It was wax, not real, but for me symbolic of the unity of theater and poetry. The two arts are inextricably joined.”
– Grace Schulman, Poet

The Harold Clurman Poetry Reading Series

The Harold Clurman Poetry Reading Series, created in 1997, brings great poets to the Studio to read their work and, if interested, discuss their artistic process. Poetry readings are free and open to the public.

Participating Artists Include:

John Ashbery
Harold Bloom
Susan Baron
Marc Cohen
Henri Cole
Alfred Corn
Deborah Diggs
Carol Muske Dukes
Marcella Durand
Cornelius Eady
Jonathan Galassi
Forrest Gander
Marilyn Hacker
Rachel Hadas
Gerrit Henry
Edward Hirsh
Galway Kinnell
Kenneth Koch
Yusef Komunyakka
Li-Young Lee
David Lehman
Philip Levine
Anne Marie Macari
Jeffrey McDaniel
Stanley Moss
Sharon Olds
Molly Peacock
Liam Rector
F.D. Reeve
Eugene Richie
Grace Schulman
Martha Serpas
Ravi Shankar
Reginald Shephard
James Sherry
Jonathan Skinner
Charles Simic
Gerald Stern
Mark Strand
James Tate
Susan Wheeler
C.K. Williams
Jerry Williams