Sophie Strupix

Sophie Strupix was born in Germany and grew up in a hotel, which her mother owned at the time, performing and joyously interacting with its guest. Sophie attended an International School, where she formed a strong creative connection to the English language. Since 2018 she is a semiannual resident of New York City. She is passionate about literature and writing poetry as well as intersectional environmentalism and hopes to leave a positive impact on the planet. Acting credits include Jenny in The Shape of Things (Stella Adler Studio), Abbes/Courtesan,/Luce/FirstMerchant in The Comedy of Errors (Stella Adler Studio), Camillo in The Winter’s Tale (Stella Adler Studio) and most recently Ileen in Rasheeda Speaking (Stella Adler Studio) .

Through her work Sophie wishes to explore the nuance and beauty in the human experience, how we are connected to one another and the world beyond us.

A Bigger Splash from Sophie Strupix on Vimeo.

Comedy from Sophie Strupix on Vimeo.

BLANKETS from Sophie Strupix on Vimeo.