Lainey Helmers

Lainey Helmers (she/her) is a NYC-based actor and writer from the suburbs of Philadelphia. This May, she will graduate from NYU with a BFA in Drama, after training at both the Stella Adler Studio and Stonestreet Studios. As a double major, she will also receive a BA in English. Recent roles include 1st Witch in Macbeth, Jennifer Wright in Still Born, and Castaway 1/Hamlet in Castaway: Hamlet (or the Life-Rendering Pelican). Lainey loves working with both contemporary and classical texts, particularly in collaborative environments. She also has a strong passion for telling stories that inspire conversation and that shed light on the types of characters you don’t normally think twice about. In her free time, she likes reading and searching the city for the best croissant.
Instagram: @laineyhelmers.