Summer Shakespeare Program


Please read below and if you are eligible call for an interview ASAP!

Summer Shakespeare is a five-week summer intensive. Twenty-four students are selected to train five days a week in voice, movement and scene study (50 hours of classes total). The program culminates with a production of an abbreviated Shakespeare play. Summer Shakespeare is an intensive program that requires the quick understanding and execution of new skills.

5 Weeks on the Weekdays, July 6th – August 7th, 2015


How are students selected for this program?

  • -Applicants must be enrolled in a New York City high school
  • -Applicants must demonstrate financial need (priority consideration for students who receive free lunch or reduced lunch)
  • -Applicants must demonstrate a need for arts exposure (priority consideration for students who do not have access to arts programming)
  • -Applicants must follow application instructions (in particular, bringing a monologue from a published play keeps a student qualified; bringing a monologue from the internet or YouTube disqualifies students)

Please note: This program adheres to a strict attendance policy and professional standards. All students must be on time and ready to participate in all classes. Those who are unprepared or late will be excused from the program.

How to Apply

Interviews will be held at the Stella Adler Studio from May 27th and May 28th from 3pm-5:30pm AND May 30th and June 1st from 3-4pm. Please call the studio at 212-689-0087 to schedule an interview appointment for the “Outreach Summer Shakespeare Program.”

If a student is invited to a callback, callbacks will be held on any of the following days: June 2-4 from 3pm-5:30pm. Students only need to attend one callback session and present a one-minute Shakespeare monologue.